Our Development

We have a strong presence in countries across the globe. Our core philosophy is the testimony of our fast-paced development. This is why we are a group of multiple flourishing businesses. We believe that a great beginning makes a great result. This is why we start by acquiring the best cotton seeds — Cotton from Tapti Valley in the Satpuda range. Our high-tech laboratory equipped with Uster testing machines monitors crop quality to ensure good annual yields. We continually check fertilizer quality while maintaining the water tables. We continually adopt new techniques to ensure richer harvests.

An Overview of Our Processes


The process involves hand-picking as well as the use of high-end scanning machines. We have 7 ginning and pressing factories, producing 35 million kilograms of cotton – enough for a year’s spinning requirement.


We have state-of-the-art ring spinning machines capable of spinning counts NE 10/1 to NE 100/1, with a total capacity of 30 million kgs per annum.


We make unique knit fabric from the latest knit versatile technology, using Mayer and CIE knitting plant (2.5 million kgs per annum).



We use state-of-the-art German machinery to produce 25 million meters of fabric per annum.

Terry Towel

We use Dornier Dobby looms to make uniform terry piles. Our towels are processed on shearing machines to give them a velour effect (Capacity: 36.5 million kgs per annum).

Yarn Dyeing

We employ contemporary yarn-dyeing methods and German yarn-dyeing technologies (Capacity: 2 million kgs of yarn is dyed per annum).

Knit Dyeing

We use Thies dyeing equipment for knit dyeing, backed by a high technology lab and a centralized colour dispensing system.

Towel Dyeing

Our towel dyeing plant is backed by high technology lab and a centralized colour dispensing system (Capacity: 3.6 million kgs per annum).


We operate state-of-the-art fashion technologies. Our in-house fashion designers create styles for men, women, and children across sectors. Our stringent quality control methods ensure that the garments are always created from the best fabric.