Hello, we are Deesan Group. We are a vertical textile company based in Shirpur, North Maharashtra. But we are not just another textile company. We are a full-fledged, multi-process, cotton textile manufacturing enterprise. Our operations comprise cotton seed acquisition, cultivation, ginning, spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, and garmenting. Started in 1996, our operation covers nearly 500 acres and employs 15,000 people.


Our story is a story of vision; a story of transformation. By establishing our factory in an obscure tribal belt, we brought out a significant socio-economic revolution in this region. We are delighted to transform the barren land of Shirpur into a fertile cotton-producing zone — bringing prosperity, education, and the promise of limitless growth for generations to come. The story of Deesan Group’s success is a fabric woven of different threads — Excellence, Growth, Development, Empowerment, and Sustainability. At Deesan, our commitment goes beyond cotton. We believe in prospering together. From farm to fashion.

Shri Amrish Patel

“Transforming lives for the better has always been my greatest reward.”

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